Do you and your partner ever fantasise about having someone there who can look but not touch? Or perhaps you want to watch me play with someone else while you’re made to sit quietly?

Give me everything I want by denying me. Make me ache to join in but tell me no and watch how wet I get. I’d love to get you and your partner ready to have fun before being sent to sit in the corner. Then, afterwards, you can make me your clean up slut - and all I’m allowed to use is my tongue.

If you would rather be cucked than the other way round, I love that too. Watch me fuck your partner and hear me moan until you can’t stand it. Maybe we’ll let you get close, but not too close. Remember that I’m the shiny new toy, and you’re just here to make sure we have everything we need to have fun without you.

Will I be your cuck or will you be mine? I’d love to find out.

A cuckold meet is much easier to arrange if you have a partner who wants to play too. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to find a partner to cuck you with - if this changes, I will update this page.

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