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WTF is DFK? A Guide to Sex Worker Slang

WTF is DFK? A Guide to Sexy Acronyms

When I got into sex work just over a year ago, I didn’t realise how many acronyms I would have to learn in order to navigate the trade. If you’re looking to meet an escort for the first time, you’ve probably bumped into a few of them yourself. I’ve tried to compile the most commonly used here to make things easier for anyone else starting on this ✨magical✨ journey.


As well as being the place where you draw out cash to pay for the good time you’re about to have, ATM stands for Ass To Mouth. This is the practice of going straight from anal sex to oral sex.


BB is the short term for Bareback – also known as unprotected sex.


The king of all sexual acronyms, you’ve probably known this one for a while. BJ stands for Blow Job.


Although Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is on the rise, I imagine that Cock and Ball Torture has been around a whole lot longer. This one’s for the truly masochistic among us.


A lot of escorts have specific rules and preferences about where a client is allowed to cum during a session. If an escort offers CIM, it means you can Cum In Mouth.


Want to mix things up? These ones stand for Cum On Face and Cum On Breasts.


Often (but not always) offered as part of a girlfriend experience meet, DFK is for anyone who wants a truly intimate time: Deep French Kissing.


DP stands for Double Penetration, which can mean a couple of different things – either penetrating two holes at the same time (e.g. anus and vagina) or penetrating one hole with two things (e.g. a cock and a toy in the vagina). Make sure to clarify with your service provider what they actually offer so no one gets an unexpected surprise.


If you like your oral sex deep and sloppy, look out for DT, meaning Deep Throat – the practice of taking a cock all the way down your throat.


Slightly tamer than DFK but still involving some tongue, FK is French Kissing.


FSSW stands for Full Service Sex Worker – a sex worker who offers penetrative sex as part of their services.


Never underestimate the humble Girlfriend Experience. Escorts offering GFE usually have a focus on things around sex, as well as the sex itself. This could involve going on dates and non-sexual physical contact, such as cuddling and handholding. The idea is to generally feel like you are spending time with your girlfriend. Sex is usually included in GFE but not always.


Those seeking oral sex should look out for these ones. OWO means Oral Without, which is oral sans protection/condoms. OW is Oral With protection.


Penis In Vagina – e.g. standard hetero penetrative sex.


Sometimes seen as diametrically opposed to GFE (although it certainly doesn’t have to be) PSE stands for Porn Star Experience. PSE meets often focus mainly on sex and might involve a variety of sex acts and positions – like you’ve seen in the movies!


If you’re more of a giver, look out for RO – Reverse Oral. This is where you can perform oral sex on the escort.#


A nice and easy one to finish with – SW is Sex Worker.


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