Carrie Young
Independent London Submissive Escort

Carrie Young
Independent London Submissive Escort

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My name is Carrie Young and I am a professional submissive and escort based in London. I truly love what I do - every day I feel inspired by the people I meet and the places they take me to (even when that's just deeper inside my own head).

I am a true submissive and find my power in giving up sexual control. I have been this way since my first sexual experiences; it comes naturally to me and I take huge pleasure in it. My lovers understand this - I am not here to be taken advantage of or used indiscriminately, but those who show me respect and generosity will find me exceptionally giving, pliant and eager to please.

I have been exploring kink, power dynamics and submission for over seven years, and have worked professionally as a submissive and escort for half of those. My understanding of BDSM means I am suited to meeting experienced kinksters, and those who are new to this world and looking for a safe way to explore. My relationship with each person I meet is unique - with some people, a more playful dynamic works perfectly. For others, the intensity may be ratcheted up. In either case you will find me easy to open up to, affectionate and dedicated.

As well as offering fetish play sessions, I am very fond of escorting in a more traditional sense. I am degree-educated, prone to laughter and an excellent conversationalist. I do not take life too seriously and love to go on dates, followed by some time in private.


Body Worship
Pet Play
Impact Play
Medical Play
Schoolgirl Role Play
Domestic Discipline

And more...


Dress Size: 8-10
Height: 5'8
Shoe Size: 6.5
Bra: 36B
Eyes: Blue
Age: 20s

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photos by Danny Woodstock