Fetish & Roleplay Services

I have been working as a pro-submissive for over 2 years and have had over 6 years' experience as a submissive in my personal life. It is part of my lifestyle and something I have always craved, enjoyed and been very interested in. It comes to me very naturally and you will find me both playful and obedient, which a cheeky side that some doms are excellent at bringing out in me.


I love to be dominated, disciplined, praised and pushed. Whatever your style of domainance - sadistic, sensual, firm or soft - I will be both eager to please and very, very turned on.  


All my sessions start with a chat where we will have time to get comfortable with each other and to discuss the scene, boundaries and safewords. There will be a similar amount of time at the end of playing for us to wind down.


Standard service

Some of the kinks and fetishes I cater for as part of all my sessions include:


Impact play ♡ Spanking ♡ Pet play / puppy training ♡ ABDL / CGlg ♡ Role play ♡ Human furniture ♡ Bondage ♡ Medical play ♡ Humiliation ♡ Degradation ♡ Tie and tease ♡ Domestic discipline ♡ Domestic servitude ♡ Bathroom control ♡ Rubber / latex ♡ Bimbofication ♡ Nipple play / torture ♡ Gags ♡ Masturbation



1 hour: £250 + dungeon fee

2 hours: £500

3 hours: £750

Full service

If you would like to book a full-service submissive session, I also offer:

Oral / oral training ♡ Oral on me ♡ Penetrative sex ♡ Anal play ♡ Rimming ♡ Cock / cunt worship ♡ Anal sex ♡ Orgasm control / denial

1 hour: £300 + dungeon fee
2 hours: £600


I am a very enthusiastic spankee and offer short spanking sessions at a reduced rate. These sessions are not full-service and are for spanking only, with hands, paddles and/or straps (clothed or bare-bottom!). Unlike other sessions, I am more likely to be available for a good spanking at short notice. Please factor in time for aftercare during the booking!

1 hour: £200 + dungeon fee

Please take a look at my limits and safety page before booking