Do you offer unprotected sex?

No, I do not offer any unprotected penetrative sex & I ask for STD tests before offering unprotected oral sex. 

What are your rates?

My rates depend on how you want to spend your time with me. Please check my GFE and Fetish pages for a full breakdown.

Why do you charge an admin fee?

I charge an admin fee before meeting someone for the first time. This covers the cost of a phone call to talk about the session, and tells me that you are truly interested in meeting.

Can I buy you things?

You absolutely can and I would love it if you did. Check out my wishlist if you want to treat me at home, or surprise me with something when we meet xx

What is your sexuality?

I am bi/pansexual. Gender doesn't make much of a difference to me when it comes to attraction and I am more than happy to meet male/female/non-binary/trans clients.

What is the 'negotiation form' & why do I need to fill it in?

The negotiation form is something I have created to help us establish boundaries and outline the scene you want to take place, before we meet. Negotiating a scene is a key part of BDSM and as a submissive who plays with people the first time I meet them, it is extra important that I know what the expectations of the scene are in order to feel safe.

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