Girlfriend Experience

I am a very affectionate, touch-hungry and thoughtful person who likes making real connections. A GFE escort meet can be tailored to exactly how you’d like it, whether you want to go out and enjoy my company, stay in for an intimate evening, or a combination of the two.


I enjoy companionship and getting to know new people. I smile easily and am genuinely interested to learn what you're all about. I am open-minded and intellectual, with a degree in English Literature, and enjoy having conversations over a glass of wine or cuddled up in bed.


GFE meets with me provide a space for you to be yourself. The feedback I've gotten is that I'm very easy to be around and my presence is warm, friendly, funny and kind. So, if you're looking for simple human connection, to feel cared for and appreciated, this is something I offer in abundance.


GFE meets can be sexual or non-sexual. If you would like to incorporate any of my kink services, you'll find more information on the relevant pages.


GFE Rates

My rates for GFE are £250 an hour, with a minimum 2 hour booking.