Limits & Safety

Please read this page carefully, especially if you are booking me for a kinky session! I am happy to talk about anything here in more depth when we meet so we both feel comfortable with each other's limits. Thank you ♥

Hard Limits

These limits are non-negotiable. If any of these happen, I will end the session with no refund.

Unprotected penetrative sex

Face slapping

Choking/breath play (including hands/belts/ANYTHING around my neck)


Blood play




Spitting in my face or mouth

Carrie in Subspace/Little Space

When I am turned on, especially during a BDSM/kink scene, I can slip into a very submissive headspace. When this happens I tend to go quite non-verbal and find it difficult to talk/form words. This isn’t at all a bad thing so don’t let it unnerve you! It does mean that I am not amazing at dirty talk during sex, though - but I do make some pretty good noises ;) It’s also very sexy for me if you try to make me talk when I’m in this headspace - it’s difficult for me and that makes it hot!

Safewords & RACK

My safeword is RED. If you hear me say this at any point, please stop whatever you are doing. I will try my best to communicate to you what I need should this happen (it might be as simple as a bit of space or a glass of water!) I also like to use the words YELLOW and GREEN. If you want to check in with me during a scene to find out whether I am comfortable with what you are doing, just ask me for a colour - yellow means slow down, green means everything is great. RACK stands for Risk-Aware Consensual Kink and is a good thing to think about when considering kink/BDSM activities. Please make yourself aware of any risks associated with your particular kinks, and don’t do anything during a scene that you are unsure about or that I have not consented to. This means that if we agree to do caning, for instance, you should make sure you know where on the body it is safe to hit, and how to temper your swing in order to have the impact we have agreed to (e.g. so you can control whether bruises are left or skin is broken).


I’d really appreciate it if you factored in time for aftercare in your booking with me. For me, aftercare mainly includes some time for a cuddle, a chat, a glass of water and potentially a quick shower. This is usually enough to help me out of a submissive headspace and have me ready to go home! Depending on what we got up to, I might only need about 15mins of aftercare and it might just be a snuggle. If you have specific aftercare needs as a Top, please let me know! This might be things like, me reassuring you that I enjoyed what we did in the session, giving you hugs or us washing each other in the shower (the first two are things I usually do anyway).